Texarkana opens door to Hwy 82 widening project

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By Woody Morgan

The Texarkana City Council passed a $2.2 million bond issue by a contentious vote Monday, June 10 at its regular meeting but not before members of the council hammered Bowie County for failing to inform the voters of the cost of the widening of Hwy. 82.
The council voted 3-3 before Mayor Bob Bruggeman cast the deciding vote to approve the bond which will pay for concrete pipeline which will satisfy the Texas Department of Transportation(TxDOT) requirement to begin construction on the portion of Hwy. 82 from Malta to DeKalb.
Ward 3 Council member Tina Veal-Gooch said it was her understanding that it was Bowie County’s responsibility to move the water line after the voters approved the new construction in 2010.
Gooch said in the bond document Bowie County signed, in several places, said that the county would be responsible for right of way acquisition, utility relocation and other transportation. Veal-Gooch said the use of proceeds provided for the same thing.

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