Arrests made in theft of Mr. Joe's bicycle

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By Kenny Mitchell


Quick action by the New Boston Police Department has resulted in several arrests today in connection with the theft of Mr. Joe’s bicycle and the resolution of several other area burglaries.

The bicycle is a black, adult cruiser bicycle and was stolen from Joe Martin at his Oak Terrace Apartment in New Boston sometime Monday night. Martin, or “Mr. Joe” as he is known around Bowie County,  is 80 years-old and an employee at Shelton Feed. The bike was his only means of transportation.

New Boston PD Lieutenant Johnny Millwood inspected a home on Frost street this morning after seeing the fenders of the bicycle hanging up at the residence. Upon further investigation, a member of the family at that residence was brought in for questioning and subsequently confessed that he and members of his family were responsible for not only the theft of the bicycle, but also several other items that had been reported stolen within the city limits of New Boston.

After questioning other members of the family, the bicycle was delivered, in pieces, to the New Boston Police Department. A new bike has already been purchased to replace the one that was stolen and Mr. Joe was expected to receive it today or tomorrow.

New Boston Police Chief Tony King said following the arrests, “These are meth heads and thieves and we work these cases every day. With our small force it takes time, but I am glad we were able to follow up on what we had and get these people arrested quickly.”

This is a continuing story, so watch the Tribune for a follow-up story later today with a full report including the names of those arrested and what they will be charged with as the New Boston PD makes that information available.

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