Formal charges filed in New Boston theft ring

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A fifth subject is now wanted by New Boston police


By Kenny Mitchell


Official charges have now been filed on the four New Boston residents suspected in a string of local thefts and a warrant has been issued for a fifth subject.

The four who have been charged and their charges are:


Justin Wayde Hammonds, w/m, 02/13/1993

Theft of Property=>$100<$750


Michael Scott Batchelor, w/m, 07/20/1970,

Theft of Property=>$100<$750

Theft of Property=>$750<$2,500

Burglary of Vehicle


Chester Stuart, b/m, 10/09/1987

Theft of Property =>$100<$750

Theft of Property =>$750<$2,500

Burglary of Vehicle


Kelly Ann Batchelor, w/f, 08/06/1979

Theft of Property =>$100<$750

Burglary of Vehicle

The four arrested suspects have now been taken to the B-State Jail in Texarkana. An arrest warrant has also been issued for Dewayne Hammonds for a charge of Burglary of a Vehicle.


The charges and arrests are the result of sworn statement given to New Boston police by Justin Hammonds after he was detained by Lieutenant Johnny Millwood for questioning in the theft of Joe Martin’s bicycle earlier this week.


 “Mr. Joe” as he is known around Bowie County, is 80-year old local resident and an employee at Shelton Feed. The bike was his only means of transportation to and from his work every day.

Lieutenant Johnny Millwood brought Hammonds in for questioning after seeing the fenders of Mr. Joe’s bicycle hanging up at a residence on Frost Street. It was then that Hammonds confessed that he and members of his family were responsible for not only the theft of the bicycle, but also several other items that had been reported stolen within the city limits of New Boston.

New Boston Police Chief Tony King said following the arrests, “These are meth heads and thieves and we work these cases every day. With our small force it takes time, but I am glad we were able to follow up on what we had and get these people arrested quickly.”





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