Accused Telford Unit murderer returned back to New Boston awaiting trial

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By Kenny Mitchell


Billy Joel Tracy, who stands charged in the 2015 death of Telford Unit officer Timothy Davison, has been transferred from the Tennessee Colony Unit back to the Telford Unit in New Boston for the remainder of his murder trial.

Tracy has been being shuttled back and forth from the Tennessee Colony Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for pre-trial hearings, but will now remain housed at the very same unit where he attacked Davison two years ago.

The murder trial is scheduled to begin with jury selection on Wednesday, September 13. Attorneys for the State of Texas will be seeking the death penalty for Tracy.

A Tribune story from the time of the attack back in July of 2015 states that Tracy was being moved from a dayroom back to his cell in solitary confinement when the attack occurred. Video and eyewitness statements link Tracy to the assault.

Timothy Davison was a first year correctional officer that had begun working at the Telford Unit in December 2014. Tracy was serving time at the unit for a previous life sentence when the attack occurred.

This past May at their annual memorial, Davison’s brother was presented the medal of honor on his  behalf. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a statement on the violent attack back in July 2015 saying, “The State of Texas mourns for the family of Officer Timothy Davison…The State of Texas will ensure that the inmate responsible for this heinous act is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”


In the photo, TDCJ Officer Officer M Siebe presents the Medal of Honor to Timothy Davison's brother,  Ken Davison, at the 2017 memorial service held annually at the unit to honor fallen officers.

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