Avery company bails on Bowie County Veteran's Monument Park

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Work paid for more than a year ago still not completed

By Kenny Mitchell


The completion of the Bowie County Veteran’s Monument Park will be delayed as of this week due to a paid in full contractor on the project not doing the work they were paid to do up front on the granite pieces that were to be one of the main focal points of the memorial.

Monument organizers have now gone to the Red River County Sheriff’s Department and filed a report on Taylor Monument, of Avery, for failing to do the work that they were paid for more than a year ago, according to Co-Chairperson, Frank Warner.

Warner told the Tribune that the group originally went to Taylor Monument on March 3, 2016 and paid them more than $2500 to do the granite work on the monument, that is currently under construction in downtown New Boston adjacent to the new 3 Bostons Museum.

Now, 17 months later, the pavers of the monument are up, but the granite has yet to be delivered.

Warner stated that he has repeatedly called the owner of Taylor Monument over the last year inquiring about the granite work, and has repeatedly been met with “a book full of excuses” including faulty granite, transportation issues, and most recently, the building at the office in Avery getting struck by lightning.

The organizers went to the Taylor Monument office in Avery on Monday, and found the building locked up, despite the owner’s vehicle sitting in the driveway with the keys in the ignition. Warner says as soon as they left the office he received a phone call from the owner with more excuses about why the granite was not available.

The organizers also repeatedly asked for pictures of the granite work to verify that it was at least being worked on, but no pictures were ever offered to provide that proof.

Work on the monument will continue soon as organizers have now contracted with a Texarkana area monument company to finish the project.

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