Racists and morons and a better way of living

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There are constant reminders to folks that live here in our neck of the woods why we should be grateful that we do live here.
Now, I am not talking about things like less traffic than the big city, or better air to breathe, or even the fact that folks around here know how to cook better than any big city, fancy restaurant, no I am talking about the quality of life itself and the decency of the folks who call here home.
A vivid case in point came this last weekend, as everyone watched the idiots riot in Charlottesville, Virginia. While those idiots, and yep, that is the perfect word for them, showed their butts on national television and degraded the American way of life, folks here in Bowie County were actively doing the things that we call normal, and often take for granted.
Take for instance the fine folks that gathered over the weekend in New Boston to go from school to school, classroom to classroom and lift prayers to God Almighty for another school year. How blessed are we that our local school kids and the teachers in the classrooms start their school year off covered in a mantle of prayer, with God in Heaven looking down upon them due to the pleadings of their neighbors and friends who care about their well being.
I know of similar actions in other towns across our area, giving the kids that go to school here and all of the faculty that are charged with their education and upbringing a covering as they enter their classrooms for another year of learning.
Despite their mottos and creeds, the idiots of the White Supremacy and KKK, I doubt very seriously they would know God if he walked up and slapped them in the face. Now that I think of it, that may be exactly what he needs to do. These people are not representing the America that I know, and they are not symbolic of the majority of Americans. While as Americans they are afforded the liberties of Freedom of Speech and the freedom to hold an opinion, we are just as entitled to have ours and call them out for being the racist, short-sighted Neanderthals that they are, and I wish I could do so.
Sometimes it is hard to be an American and stand up for all of the freedoms that we are given by being a citizen of this country. The freedoms outlined by our forefathers are as chiseled in stone as the Great Commandments are for all peoples, and that fact makes it difficult when idiots use their freedoms to spew hatred.
A while back there was a Texas KKK group trying to assemble a following in New Boston. They posted meetings on their website, even contacted me here at the newspaper for some coverage, only to fall on their faces with a complete lack of support here in our community. There were no big demonstrations on Front Street and their new “church” never got off the ground. I would like to think they found out pretty quickly that their brand of community did not meet with any acceptance, and they went on their way, looking for a place more hospitable. I hope they never found that place.
I would also like to think that the kind of nonsense that was going on in Virginia over the weekend never, ever shows its face here in Bowie County.
We all have differences. We all have different opinions, different ways of life, varied mannerisms, and things that we call normal. The thing is, there is a right way to share those with our neighbors, and a wrong way.
Us good folks here in Bowie County may not always get along, we may argue and fuss, and we may even have people in our lives that we would prefer to not talk to ever again. 
The difference with us and Charlottesville is that for the most part, we know what decency is, and we choose to live that way.
Don’t get me wrong, even here we have our problems. Even here we have our idiots that fight in the streets, fight at the gas station and start a ruckus now and then. But again, for the most part, there are more of us like those who went classroom to classroom praying for our schools, than there are those who make a fool of themselves fighting on a street corner.
Maybe we all just need to pray a little more, fight a little less, and be grateful that we have those freedoms. Maybe if we appreciated those freedoms a little more, we would have less strife.
Or maybe people should pay more attention to the first 10 laws that were chiseled in stone.

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