From baby changers to world changers

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Women are beneath men. Men are the boss, women are to be silent, stay in the kitchen, raise the babies, change the diapers and basically, just do what us men tell them to do. Men are stronger, smarter, heck, even chosen by God Himself to be the leaders of the family and the free world.


I grew up in a culture that taught all of that, believed all of that, and to some extent, was all of that. While it is true that God has a plan where the husband is to be the head of the family, pretty much all of the rest of that is a load a codswallop, or in country terms, horse hockey.

Let’s face it. The ladies have pretty much been running things since Eve grabbed an apple and talked Adam into taking a bite. I would be willing to say that Pharaoh had a woman whispering in his ear, George Washington had Martha, JFK had a strong lady running Camelot, and most likely, Coretta Scott King had just as much influence in her day as her more famous husband.

There is a lot to be said for the old adage, behind every successful man stands a great woman. I dare say, it works in reverse too.

All of this came to my mind recently while watching a speech made by the actress Reese Witherspoon, as she touted the power of women and the need for society to recognize that influence.

In her speech she made note that in a crisis situation, generally the best place to go is to a woman. I mean, when most of us were kids, and we had a problem, we didn’t usually run hollerin’ into the house yelling for dad. There is something comforting and calming about a mama, or a grandma, that soothes the mind and cures the crisis.

Some of the strongest people I know today are of the female persuasion.

For instance, there are a group of young ladies in the world that are poised to make an impact. It is my belief that they have already achieved much and will, before their life is through, make bold statements with their lives. It could be that I am biased, as each of them I call my daughters, but the statement remains the same. They will make the world a better place, all of them.

Also, it is no secret that being the publisher of your local newspaper sets me at the big desk and gives the sense that I am in control up here. Well, let me tell you, the ladies in this office are far more important to what we do, and have a boat load of courage, wisdom, life experience and skills beyond my wildest imagination. Most days, I may be manning the wheel guiding the ship, but the ladies are the motor that keeps the ship moving forward.

Another example comes from home. My wife of 29 years has influenced every single good decision I have ever made, and sat quietly by and allowed me to make every bad one, against her advice. This is where prayer comes in to play. You see, she was taught by her mama that prayer was the best source of guidance, and she believed it. The only problem was that it took too many years for me to listen to both of them.

I guess what I am trying to say is that yes, God has a plan and His plan is always the best way to do things. But my thinking is that we men don’t always take the time to ask Him about His plan, we just do things our way and pretend we were listening to Him. That’s why we are all lucky that there are strong women.

It is a brave new world. The stereotypical relationships where men are king and women are baby mamas and kitchen help are fading into the past at a rapid pace. And, that is a good thing.

Today’s women are a different breed. They refuse to be cubby-holed and stereotyped and are the next world changers. No doubt, we will have a woman president in the United States one day. She is probably in school right now, heading on her way to the White House soon.

When that day comes, don’t be shocked. It will come. Look at it this way, when it does, the Secret Service will all have to take their shoes off before they go in the house, the drapes at Camp David will match, State dinners will probably go from steak and potatoes to cobb salads and finger foods, and the White House will host Lipsense parties and yoga classes.

Sorry, my inner cave man still comes out sometimes.

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