DeKalb rocked by another tornado

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No injuries reported from last night's storm

By Kenny Mitchell


Daylight in DeKalb Monday morning showed the reality of the devastation brought by Sunday night’s tornado.

The tornado cut a clear path from the Hubbard area on Hwy 259, across 44E. down Anderson Creek, and then crossing FM 990 just southwest of the intersection of FM990 and FM 1840. The twister then crossed FM 1840 before heading northeast and crossing Hwy 82 just east of the DeKalb City limits. It continued on its track out of Bowie County and into Little River County in Arkansas.

Widespread damage was caused by the storm, that hit the area around 9:30 p.m. Sunday night. Storm sirens went off in DeKalb prior to its arrival as the storm was being tracked through Dalby Springs and as far away as Mount Pleasant.

Emergency responders from across the area came to DeKalb to assist with clearing roadways blocked by downed trees and power lines, as well as, those whose homes were damaged. Crews from Swepco, Centerpoint and Bowie-Cass have been working through the night to restore power.

This morning, DeKalb Fire Chief Robbie Barrett told the Tribune that there were no calls for Lifenet related to the storm and there were no reports at all of any injuries.

“All I can say is, prayer works. We were very lucky,” stated Barrett.

The Red Cross is stationed at the DeKalb Storm Shelter this morning to offer assistance to anyone in need.

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