Arrest made for Terror Threat at New Boston Middle School

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By Kenny Mitchell


Heather Russell

Staff Reporter

A student at New Boston Middle School has been arrested on a charge of Terroristic Threat after n investigation was conducted by New Boston police.

New Boston ISD officials were made aware of a situation where a student was reported to have made threatening statements. Upon receiving the information, Superintendent Dr. Rose Mary Neshyba called New Boston police and turned the situation over to them. On Sunday Dr. Neshyba issued an official statement making the community aware of the situation. Dr. Neshyba also stated that the district was made aware of the threat over the weekend, after school hours.

This morning, New Boston Police Chief Tony King issued this statement:

On Saturday 02/24/2018 at approximately 1435 hours Chief King received a report of a juvenile from the Middle School in New Boston was making plans to shoot up the school and several students.  Investigators were assigned to the case immediately to track down the threat and get to the bottom of it Investigators worked throughout Saturday and Sunday obtaining statements and information which led to the arrest of one juvenile student for Terroristic Threat.  Student was arrested on Sunday 02/25/2018 at approximately 1250 hours.  The Juvenile was booked and then transported to the Juvenile Detention Center in Texarkana for incarceration.   New Boston Police Department takes any kind of security threat like this very seriously and will act on them according to the law.

New Boston ISD Superintendent Dr. Rose Mary Neshyba was on the middle school campus Monday morning, as was a police officer. Neshyba told the Tribune that everything was running normally on the campus and there were no problems.

The Tribune has received reports this morning that many parents kept their kids home from school as a precautionary measure.

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