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There are some people who go through life on a collision course with everyone they meet, manipulating others to get their way and treating others as pawns for their own self-advancement, furtherance of their agenda, or simple insecurity and the need to feel safe and in control. When those type people become leaders of a community, or are put in a position of leadership in a community, conflict will arise only when someone has the courage to stand up to them.

Organizations are generally governed by multiple people. The reason there are multiple people and not just one is because no one person knows what is best for everyone. We all have different perspectives and different strengths and can see things that others can’t.

 However, there are some people, including a couple who are not elected, who think they know what is best for all. Through manipulation, secrecy, frivolous spending and collusion with others, they devise and execute their plans under the guise of helping citizens. They claim they are doing what is best for the citizens, yet the citizens are not consulted. Why is doing what is best always done in secret and without participation by the citizens they presume to be looking out for?

When one leader can’t disagree with another one without igniting World War III, then maybe it’s time for one of the leaders to step down. Grown men should be able to have a debate while controlling their emotions and being respectful of their fellow constituents.  True leaders would never threaten or bully others, and why some people think they have to bully and threaten others is beyond me. Frankly, it reveals a severe lack of character and intelligence.

When citizens are afraid to speak out about being mistreated or are bullied and punished for speaking out, then it is time to stand against such people--past time! Remember, the good people working at City Hall are paid by you. You--the citizens of New Boston--have the right to question how your money is spent and who you have on your tax-funded payroll. You also have a say about who governs you through your vote.

Council meetings are held at 6 p.m. the third Tuesday of each month. I would encourage all citizens to hold their elected officials accountable by asking them questions and showing up at meetings and learning the laws that govern them.


Jennifer Ogburn

New Boston, Texas

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