The Power of the People

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New Boston is a town in conflict. There is a need for resolve, but it is not a town at war.
To say such would be a disservice to all of those who ever served in the military.
No, this is not a war, this is a simple case of power run amuck.
It is a case leadership not obliging the voice of the people.


It is fairly safe to say, if a straw poll was taken, the majority would loudly declare that current New Boston Chief of Police Tony King needs to find a new career, somewhere other than New Boston.

Looking at his history in law enforcement, you find a pattern of insubordination, problems with authority, an affinity for not getting along with fellow officers, and a tendency to be overly assertive with the general public.
All traits that saw him dismissed from neighboring towns like Mt. Pleasant and DeKalb and followed him to New Boston.
Tony King needs to go and regardless of the Texas Rangers findings, Mayor Johnny Branson needs to send him packing.
Branson has served the City of New Boston for more than 50 years, as a councilman and mayor. He has and still continues to oversee infrastructure improvements that have and will make New Boston a better place to call home.
But on Tony King, he has missed the mark. The city council voted UNANIMOUSLY  this week to reinstate Lieutenant Johnny Millwood to his position as a NBPD police officer.
That has still not happened.
In New Boston, and cities all across the country, the city council has the power. They are the governing body. Because they were given that power by the people. They are the voice of the citizens.
Now is not the time for coercion, back door deals, threats, blackmail, or anything other than doing what the government code says and what the people say.
It is time everybody listened to the people.

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