A community miracle

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A week ago, Saturday evening, I looked at her mom, she nodded her head, and we made the decision to put her child, my wife, on a machine to keep her alive.

There was no other choice to make.

People were asking me about advanced directives, living wills and power of attorney, but in my heart, in her mom’s heart, there was no other option but to keep her breathing.

For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of knowing my Patty, you have missed out on knowing one of the most loving, kind and strong people God ever gave breath. For 15 years now she has battled a crippling disease caused gastroparesis that she was given not because she did anything wrong, not because she wasn’t healthy, but simply because a doctor made a mistake.

Over those 15 years we have spent countless days in hospitals. I have seen her flatline. Her kids and family have watched her go from an active, vibrant, selfless mom, volunteer, wife, sister, daughter and friend to a weak and frail shadow of herself.

One doctor kept her alive when others gave up on her. He is a huge part of this miracle. Hospitals have told us not to come back, one doctor said she was “above his pay grade” and some try, but her illness remains.

Yet, through it all, she has fought. Many times she has told me she was tired of fighting, but this last week proved to me that she is not. It also proved to me the unfailing love of our Father in Heaven and the power of prayer.

People all over the country prayed for my baby this week. I felt the prayers as I sat in that room for night after night, waiting for her to come back to us.

One of those days, as we waited, He showed us a sign.

While on a ventilator, sedated into unconsciousness, her hand moved. At first we could not figure out what was happening, but then, we saw, she was signing.

Years ago Patty had the foresight to take our kids to sign language classes. Years later, He used those lessons from years ago. Patty’s hand was signing I-S-A-A-C. Isaac, the name of her unborn grandson. Allyson went to her bedside, placed her mama’s hand on her belly, and she felt the life living inside.

She would do that same thing the next day. I-S-A-A-C.

She signed the name of the son of Abraham, the promise of generations to come, the promise of life.

She signed the name of her grandson. In that moment, she told me, and He showed me, that Patty was fighting and she would return. She showed me that she wanted to hold her grandchild, and that she would.

He showed me that He is in control and that I am nothing but an instrument for His will.

This past week, I received hundreds of texts, Facebook messages and comments and phone calls of support, telling me that people were praying for Patty. People who have never met her, don’t know her and some who never will, prayed for her healing. Readers of the Tribune expressed their concerns, old friends from the past came by to see her and pray for her, and support literally came from everywhere.

We thank you all.

The picture here with this post is Patty from a week ago, and Patty today. The change is nothing but a miracle that only He could provide.

Going forward, in so many things, I do not know how…but I do know Who.

I also would be remiss if I did not say thank you to all of those who got you your paper in my absence.

Sometimes we, especially I, think that what we do is something only we can do. This week showed me more than ever that what we do here at the Tribune is a team effort. My team rocked it.

My deep thanks to Mark, Heather, Erin, Holli, Oscar, Rachel, Joni and everyone else who had a part in getting your paper to you this past week.

Thank you again, for reading, and thank you again to all who had a part in our miracle.

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