New Boston SIDC supports efforts to bolster RRAD

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By Heather Wilson

The New Boston Special Industrial Development Corporation (SIDC) recently made a sizeable donation to the efforts to keep Red River Army Depot thriving.   Under the regulations governing the SIDC, money spent for job and business retention and recruitment is eligible under economic expenditures, and the SIDC donated $25,000 to the Military Affairs and Community Support Committee to further their efforts to sustain existing jobs and bring new jobs to Red River Army Depot.  
“Red River Army Depot is vital not only to Bowie County, but to the city of New Boston,” said SIDC executive director Joe Dike.  “A large number of our residents and businesses rely on the depot for income, and the SIDC supports the efforts of the Military Affairs and Community Support Committee.  They are the only ones sticking up for RRAD.  They are our only advocates.”
Fred Milton says this committee is the last line of defense when it comes to retaining jobs in our area and creating new ones.  He, along with fellow committee members Jerry Sparks and Dennis Lewis recently traveled to Washington D.C., where they spent one day in the Pentagon, and another with the congressional and senatorial delegations emphasizing the importance of RRAD to both our region, and the Department of Defense.  “The Department of Defense is readying itself to award a contract to build and repair the new AMPV (Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle),” explained Milton.  “The AMPV has the same chassis as the Bradley tank, just without the cannon.  Red River Army Depot already has a 65-70% commonality with its work on Bradley tanks.  Being the recipient of a contract for the AMPV will allow for the assignment of additional workload and sustain the jobs we already have now.”
Milton also says the donation from the SIDC will go a long way in his group’s efforts to advocate for the depot.  “New Boston (SIDC) is one of our major donors,” he said.  “They have donated $100,000 to date to this very important cause.  Without this group, there is no one standing up for or supporting the depot or these jobs that are so vital to our area.”

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