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Cross Country with the Cross of Christ

"Every time he discourages me, God comes right back with encouragement that overpowers the discouragement."--Acie Burleson

An Andrews, South Carolina man heard a calling from God to become a walking memorial.  Over 1,000 miles later, he says God is still with him every step of his way.  Thirty-four year old Acie Burleson is a husband, a father of four, and a man of God.  He took an extended leave from his job and left Andrews, South Carolina on March 11, 2019 with only $20 in his pocket, a small survival kit, and a wooden cross, estimated to weigh over 50 pounds.  He was following the Lord’s calling - to be a walking memorial.  Acie traveled through our area last week headed to the Grand Canyon.  Having already traveled almost three months by foot, he says he’s about half way to his destination, and God has blessed him each and every day of his travels.  

“I always pray that God will use me as a bright light,” he said enthusiastically.  “And so far He has just continuously blessed me.  I have had the opportunity to witness to so many people, and to tell all of them that the Lord has told me to tell people to pray and to be ready for the coming of Christ.”

Though Burleson knew his journey would be difficult, there have been times he felt like giving up.  But something always caused him to press on.  “One day I was walking in Alabama and it was raining really hard and just horrible outside,” he recalled.  “I was cold and shivering and it was so nasty….I said, ‘God I can’t keep going on.’  But somehow, I will never forget, the rain kept getting heavier and heavier and I said ‘God I’m still going to praise you,’ and as I got louder and louder, the rain got heavier and heavier and I was in tears when it eventually began to let up.  I walked a little farther, and I was drenched, and I came to a church and I said ‘God, I’m not going any farther, I’m done.’  And I sat down and called my wife and said ‘If nothing happens, you are going to have to come get me.’  And I was still on the phone with her when the pastor of that church comes out, invites me in, gets me a hotel for the night, and buys me dinner……It’s just so amazing seeing God work in this situation because the enemy is always trying to deter me.  Every time he discourages me God comes right back with encouragement that overpowers the discouragement.”

Burleson was met with similar hospitality as he passed through Bowie and Red River Counties.  Strangers who saw him, or heard of his journey on social media came together to find him a bed for the night and hot meals.  Good Samaritans stopped on the side of the road to offer him snacks and cold water.  And Burleson witnessed to them all.  Each person heard his cheerful “God bless you!” and as they parted ways, his words of encouragement to pray and prepare for the second coming of Jesus.  

Burleson has a little over 1,000 grueling miles to go, but he remains faithful and determined.  “God has always come through for me,” he explained.  “I have this emergency pack with supplies and a tent, but I have yet to have to pull it out.”  

You can help Acie Burleson continue his journey by way of monetary donations, which go to help his family pay bills in his absence, as well as provide Burleson with much needed cash for toiletries and other supplies.  Those who have Cash App may donate to $BurlesonFamily, or at paypal under   

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