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Dog versus Scripture

From my car, I called to the two men rounding the trail by the creek off Broad Street. “It’s cold out here. Go get yourself some breakfast.” I waved the gift cards in the air and only recognized one of my friends, a homeless man living on the streets. He responded, “I still can’t get used to this car, Ms. Pam.”

Request Hope for the Holidays

Request Hope for the Holidays

Are you struggling with the fear of the holidays and how they make you feel? Are you focused on the size of your worries and not the size of your Savior? I hope to point you in a direction where it’s not always easy, but Jesus is there. He knows what you’re worried about and how it makes you anxious or fearful. He knows you want to run and hide and that you wonder if you’ll make it out alive.

The holidays can be horrible too

Usually about this time of the year I will write something about Thanksgiving, and all that it means to us and all of the great things that happen over the holidays. There is so much to be thankful for again this year, I mean, as these words flow onto the page a buttermilk pie made by the hands of Donna Norman sits on my desk, and that just might be a good start.


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