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Bowie County Community Spotlight-New Flower Coffee Roaster

The best part of waking up is...New Flower Coffee Roaster’s organic coffee in your cup. A local family has a dream to not only support their community, but to also bring people together over a common cup of coffee.
Growing up as what she calls a “missionary kid”, Cassandra Randel has traveled the world with her family over the years. During those travels and learning from her father, Lowell Adams, who works in several places on community development, Randel has found a love for bettering the world around her.

Working in and managing different coffee shops, Randel fell in love with coffee and the culture around it over the years.  “People can have nothing in common, but can come together and bond over a cup of coffee,” Randel explained. Merging her passion for coffee with the desire to create a better world, Randel joined forces with her father to create New Flower Coffee Roaster. 
The company name derives from the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, which translates to “new flower”. Ethiopia, being the birthplace of coffee, is especially significant to Adams, who was also born there into a missionary family. 

The pair, who reside in Avery, Texas, brought their vision to life with a mission to provide quality, fair-trade and organic coffee to their community. They boast the saying, “Fresh Roasted Coffee with a Purpose”, and they are holding up to that statement with 10% of every purchase of small batch roasted coffee is donated to undeveloped communities around the world.

Working out of her home, Randel obtains coffee from Ethiopia and a fair-trade supplier in Tomball, Texas, and grinds/roasts each batch herself. Customers can purchase whole bean or ground varieties of the roasted coffee, made to order, rather than get a product that has been going stale on the shelf.

As of now, the company has seven different flavors including; Ethiopian (light roast), Columbian (medium/dark roast), Espresso Roast, House Blend, Decaf Columbian, Hazelnut, and Pecan. Depending on the season, they also offer specialties coffees, such as Peppermint Mocha and Cinnamon Dolce. New products are constantly in the works, as Randel says they are currently working on a Half-Caf Roast and Dark Roast. “Most of our new flavors come from our customers telling us what they want to see and the season we are in. Customers can always tell us what they want us to carry and we will do our best.” 
“We really wanted to support our families while also thinking about the community we live in, and bring good things to the people around us. We have a heart for the community and we are excited to be a local business.”

When thinking about the future of the business, Randel described their long term goals as being able to create a family oriented place for the locals to enjoy both coffee and company. Until that dream can become a reality, people can enjoy their array of flavors in ground and whole bean varieties. Shop contact free at ; you can also check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to find updates on new flavors and products.

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