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Stephens and Co working to revitalize downtown NB

Being able to brighten the community in which you live can be great for everyone. The men and women behind local real estate flipper Stephens and Co. are looking to do just that. 

They bought a building in downtown New Boston and have a reason for doing so according to Caleb Stephens. “We bought this building downtown back in October of 2019. We had been wanting to have a building downtown for a while and being able to get a building that has been part of New Boston for so long is an amazing opportunity. We have wanted to be able to help bring more to the community and we believe that redoing this building will allow more businesses to come downtown, and that is always a great opportunity for the city.” 

The building in question was last an antique store and resale shop  on NE Front Street, in downtown New Boston. Stephens says it has been a part of New Boston for quite some time. 

He notes, “This building has been in New Boston since the mid-20th century. You can tell that by the style that it was made in and a few other things like the flooring. We are redoing a lot of things in this building. We turned it into two different offices. It was such a large space that we felt could be better used as two. We are redoing the front of the building, all new paint and a few new walls and appliances. Almost everything on the inside is being completely redone. We actually do not have to do anything to the structure of the building though, and we do not really want to. The way that this building was built makes it as strong as it can be. We started working on this building a few weeks ago, and plan to be done in the near future.”

Bringing life to downtown is an amazing thing, and will allow for growth. Stephens and Co works to restore houses, buildings, and store fronts. 
Two of their biggest mottos are, “Just a few brothers turning houses into homes” and “Investing in the future of New Boston.” 

For more information about Stephens and Co and their work you can find them on Facebook at, “Stephens & Co.”

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