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The Gathering Place brings old farmhouse to life

What was once an empty and forsaken home place has now been brought back to life. With the help of the owners, the Marvin Poer family, Tommy and Debbie Caraway have turned the old farm house across the street into a multi-functional “Gathering Place.” “I had the vision many years ago to bring this old house back to life in some form, ‘’ said Debbie Caraway. “We have lived across the street from this house for years and I have always told my husband that this old house has got to have life in it in some capacity,” said Caraway. “Mr. Poer decided that it was time to do something with the place about five years ago and had a vision of what he would like, ‘’ said Caraway. “When he asked my thoughts, I told him I really would like to see the place used, if nothing else, just as a place for the community to come and gather, and that is how this project was started,” she explained.


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