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DeKalb mayor resigns

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DeKalb Mayor Dennis Wandrey issued a press release this afternoon, officially resigning from the office that he has held for more than seven years. 

His statement reads, "

Following a conversation with Mayor Pro-Tem, David Meadows on August 26, 2019, and being informed that the majority of the City Council has requested that I resign, I am hereby informing the De Kalb City Council and citizens of the City of De Kalb that I am hereby resigning my position as Mayor of the City of De Kalb, TX, effective September 6, 2019In the 27 ½ years serving the city of De Kalb, 20 as a councilman and about 7 1/2 as your Mayor, I am very proud of the many struggles we have overcome and our many achievements during that time.  As your mayor, and as a team effort, I feel that there have been many accomplishments  under my administration: street repairs, forced main sewer line replacement, City park improvements, new vehicles for public works, police cars, backhoe, excavator, dump trucks, new mowers, and other equipment to better help our employees in their daily jobs. In making sure that we have good equipment to work with, we have saved the taxpayers all the excessive maintenance costs as well. The City is in a far better financial position than it was a decade ago, with more than $100,000 in CDs at the State Bank of De Kalb. In closing, I would like to thank the citizens of De Kalb for allowing me to serve them for all of these years. It saddens me greatly that I am unable to work with most of the present city council.  In my heart I have never had anything but the best interests for our City in all the decisions I have helped to make over the years. De Kalb is my home, I love it, and only wishedto see it thrive.  I wish you all the best luck with the future of De Kalb."

Look for expanded coverage of the change of leadership at DeKalb City Hall, in an upcoming edition of the Tribune.

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