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TexAmericas Center boasts continued growth for 2018

TexAmericas Center (TAC) added six (6) new companies and 166 new jobs on its footprint and to the region this year, according to the 2018 TexAmericas Center Annual Census of Employment and Payroll.

TAC completes an annual census of tenants and businesses located on the industrial park’s Central, East and West campuses (excluding the Red River Army Depot) to evaluate its impact on the greater Texarkana region. The 2018 census revealed an overall annual payroll of $17.7 million on its combined footprint, up from $14.3 million reported in 2017.

The 2018 Annual Census for Employment and Payroll also revealed:

  • The addition of six (6) new tenants on the TAC footprint-El Dorado Glass and Mirror Company, Inc.; Tigua Construction Services; Ultimate Concrete, LLC; 4X Industrial, LLC; THTS, Inc. (McLarty Ford); and Eagle Cutting and Supply, LLC. These companies added a total of 80 new jobs.
  • Eight (8) current TAC tenants reported employment growth, adding an additional 86 jobs to the Texarkana region.
  • Retention of 26 businesses, resulting in a 96% retention rate of businesses from the 2017 study to the 2018 study.
  • A 40% growth in employment outside of RRAD.

“One goal of TexAmericas Center is to bring quality jobs to the residents of the Texarkana region,” said Scott Norton, Executive Director/ CEO of TexAmericas Center. “We continue to see progress on this goal and we look forward to growing these numbers in 2019. Our ultimate employment goal is to have one quality job created for each of the 12,000 acres at TexAmericas Center.”

Companies on the three TAC campuses employ a total of 837 individuals, which includes 349 people employed by RRAD. Total employment at the industrial park declined by 16% as a result of the recent RRAD layoffs.

TAC is rich in opportunity and proactively engaged in developing business opportunities for the area. With more than 3,000,000 square feet of industrial and office space and 12,000 acres of developable land available, TAC is a prime location for businesses looking to grow or expand into the Texarkana area.

“We are always looking to attract new businesses to our footprint,” said Eric Voyles, Executive Vice President/ CEDO for TexAmericas Center. “Through the combination of redevelopment of existing spaces as well as new marketing which highlights available greenfield lands at TAC ready for building, we are attracting national attention.”

Since 2014 TAC has grown the amount of leased space by 49% from 540,000 square feet to 806,000 square feet and increased the number of leasing tenants by 45% from 20 to 29. Additionally, 94% of TAC’s move-in ready building space is occupied, creating the need for TAC to begin redeveloping the dormant Area D complex of buildings on the TAC-East Campus. These buildings will be move-in ready in early 2019. As well, TAC now offers build-to-suit leaseback and turnkey real estate services.

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