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Young explorers take a look inside old New Boston hospital

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A YouTube video is quickly making the rounds today in New Boston, sparking questions about the abandoned hospital on the east side of town. The makers of the videos say they went to bed the night they made it with about 100 views, and the next morning there were over 400. As of now, the count is over 500, and growing.

The Tribune tracked down the makers of the video this afternoon, just to find out why they would have risked going into the old facility.

The YouTube channel the video was posted on is owned by a young man from Texarkana named Ethan Canales.

Canales told the Tribune that he and a few friends of his recently started Exploring with TFL, after being interested in doing so for a long time. He stated that they became interested after watching a similar channel on YouTube titled Exploring with Josh.

Canales said, “We just think it is so cool. We want to document these types of abandoned places before they are destroyed. We want to see it how it used to be.”

He said that once they entered the old hospital through an open, unlocked door it was “like it was frozen.”

They found old lab samples, surgery x-rays, and even patient files as they wandered room to room, and even came upon a surgical unit with many of the original fixtures.

Canales said, “We do these videos to have a way to document the history of all of these buildings that have now become lost due to time, or after stories like this hospital had.”

These self-named “explorers” previously explored the old Union Station in Texarkana, and will no doubt spend many more hours exploring and documenting and preserving the abandoned stories of Northeast Texas and beyond.

Their video can be seen at


Photo taken from video, credit Exploring with TFL

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