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The all-time Rainmaker

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A dear friend lives in the homeless camps again, so a trip to the trail with a tent and sleeping bag included a coat and new socks. Of course, I handed him a scripture card. “Put this in your pocket. It’s a verse for you. One to give you strength.”
He read it aloud, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him. And He will make your path straight.”
“That’s a great one. He’s like rain to our souls.”

My friend nodded, just as another friend came up. Her birthday is Monday. She’ll be 49, and her smile was huge, especially when I gave her a present and sang “Happy Birthday” to her, a little offkey.
I then prayed for my two friends for redemption and restoration, comfort, peace, and health. After a bit, up came another man, and we chatted, embracing friendship on a windy day.

Later I drove around the corner where a man, one with a bike, sat on the curb. I rolled the window down, and he jumped to his feet. We’d not seen each other in close to a year. He’s living in the woods again, but the Lord placed him right in front of me so that we could reunite.
The last time I saw him, this man was in a wheelchair, and I thought his days were numbered—well, was I ever wrong. We caught up, laughing and taking in the breath of lost months. I asked him, “Is that your Bible under your arm?” 

He shook his head. “I wish I could tell you, yes.“
“No, that’s fine. I was just curious.”
“It’s a John Grisham book.”
“I’ve read some of his work. He’s great at writing thrillers.”
“I’ve just started this one. It’s the Rainmaker.”
“But never forget. The best pageturner you can read is your Bible.”
“I know, Ms. Pam. I know.”

Off to the side, a man with swelling in his leg moved closer. A young man riding his bike rode up. And another man. Then a woman in need of shoes shifted into view. And a man lumbered off to the side. Two more walked over, and a couple of others shouted greetings from down the road.

Soon, we had a gathering of friends as a breeze of friendship settled on the corner with us. And since most of them had not had breakfast and lunch was approaching, I ran through a fast food restaurant, returning with cheeseburgers.
When one of the men wandered off, I called to him. “Now, come right back here. We’re going to pray together for the needs of our little group. Come be a part.”

He came over, and we circled together behind my opened trunk, and I prayed, as we embraced the chance to speak to the Lord, a glorious moment for my heart, I dare say. A glorious time that refreshed our souls.
When the sky seems dark, remember the sunrise of a new day will come. Send someone to Jesus when the heavy rain of doubt and worry creeps into their walk, when burdens are beating them down, crushing their spirit.

Remember, the Lord allows you to meet up with certain people, so be a light for the Savior. Introduce them to the all-time Rainmaker, Jesus Christ.  He’s ready to forgive, to give new life, to sustain and, to give joy to broken lives.
So take what God places in your grasp and make it rain with hope for someone. And remind a soul that they can stand and believe again! 

And this means some of you might need to sing “Happy Birthday” to someone, even offkey!

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