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Look Twice and save a life

In my column this week in the paper, I talk about the senseless death of Johnnie Beck. There is a call for change on the roadway in front of the Telford Unit. There is a call for something to be done to prevent the loss of another life. There is a plea on the family’s part for the pain they are feeling right now not to be in vain.

Yesterday, there was another life lost, much the same way. And it too could have been prevented. It too leaves a family grieving. It too leaves children without their father. It too should make us all pay more attention when we are driving down the road, especially for motorcycles.

The young man lost yesterday, was a good man. He spent his days working for Lifenet, and teaching others how to do it well. He had a wife and kids at home.

He was also a young man that I knew. In fact, he was in my Sunday School class many years ago at Avery First Baptist Church.

But here’s the thing, it doesn’t really matter who knew him, what matters is he is no longer here because a driver on the road was not paying attention and turned in front of his motorcycle.

I have the incident report from DPS, the details are plain. And tragic.

In the span of less than a month, two good men have left the world and made their way to Heaven, because a driver in another vehicle turned in front of them and their motorcycles.

I can hear people now saying things like “motorcycles are dangerous” or “maybe the motorcyclist wasn’t paying attention” and to those statements I can only respond with “bullcrap” and ask you to shut up.

Statistics show that 3 out of 4 motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle. Overwhelmingly, it is that  the driver of the other vehicle did not see the motorcycle.

You know how we fix that? Pay attention. Put down our cell phones. Observe the road in front of us. Obey traffic laws, and simply put safety as the most important thing when we are driving.

Hey, I am talking to myself here too.

The last week spent with the family of Johnnie Beck has made me realize we just have to be more careful on the road. We are all essentially driving bombs full of gasoline.

The problem with that is, we don’t act like it.

We should, and now.

If not for any reason more than Johnnie and Darren.

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