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No Fear

We live in an unprecedented time for all of us. Only those who lived during the days of World War II have experienced the kind of country wide impact that we live in today. In my opinion, even 911 did not have the same negative impacts that we are seeing today. In fact, what happened that September day almost 20 years ago brought us together, what we are living through now has fostered a sense of fear that is hard for so many to deal with.
Fear of what is coming has gripped the country causing hoarding of basic necessities as simple as toilet paper and baby wipes. That same fear has caused our leaders to order us to shelter in place and hide in our homes. The fear of catching this virus has caused so many to go to extraordinary lengths, and I believe many of the things we are having to deal with are necessary.

To keep the virus from spreading things like shelter in place, closed churches, closed schools and basically everywhere that crowds gather being shut down, those things will greatly reduce the number of cases.
What we do not need, is fear.
Fear is a liar, so the song goes, but it’s true. Fear is a tool of the devil. He uses it to make us doubt the very power of God. If you will bear with me, I have a couple of examples.
Over the weekend, one of my kids had a four wheeler accident. When I got the call, my first impulse was to jump in the car and rush to the hospital. Instead, a calm came over me almost instantly. I talked with her husband, and he let me know I did not need to rush to her side. Something told me that not only was he in control of the situation, but He was in control as well. Mind you, I love this kid as much as I love anyone on the planet. I just felt peace.
She ended up with a bruised hip and elbow, a cut above her eye, and a very sore body that could barely walk. But she is young, she will heal, and she is alive.

Next, I would like to tell you about another father and his daughter. This man’s daughter was very ill, ill to the point of being near death. In great fear, a fear that is only brought about when a parent fears for the life of their child, he rushed to get a physician, but the physician did not get there in time, and his daughter died.

Or so everyone thought.

You see, this physician was not your ordinary doc, He was the Great Physician. As the story goes, in the Book of Luke, all it took was a word from the Great Physician to calm everyone’s fears and for the man’s daughter to rise from what everyone believed was her death. Jairus went from a father swallowed by fear, to a man that lived the rest of his days telling folks of the day that Jesus erased his fears with just two words.
The days we are living in right now are no different. You can live in fear if you like but doing so just says to the one that has the power to calm the waves that you do not believe He can. Living in the fear of this virus tells our Lord that our faith has been shaken to the core. 

Instead, as most of us shelter in place, we can take this time to draw closer to Him. We can acknowledge the fact that we are not in control of what happens to us on a daily basis, and we can let go of things like pride, jealousy and greed, and replace them with thankfulness, love and kindness.
Yes, we should do our best to listen to the guidance of medical professionals and do common sense things like wash our hands and stay home if we are sick. These kinds of things are such that we can do our little part to slow a global sickness.

But, we do those things with the knowledge and trust in our hearts that God in Heaven is in control, and He will see us through. There is no need to rush to the store and buy all of the water, the meat, or even the toilet paper. There is no need to believe if we cough a couple of times, we have a killer virus.
The need is love, compassion, a no fear.

“Peace is what I leave with you; it is my own peace that I give you. I do not give it as the world does. Do not be worried and upset; do not be afraid.” ---John 14:27 

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