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A Positive Spin

Graduation season is over now. All of our local Class of 2020 seniors have received their diplomas, and now they head out into the world. Whether they be going off to college, or entering the workforce, man, it is a scary world out there that they are stepping into as adults.
We live in a world that is filled with dangers, not just for this class of seniors, but for all of us. The world that they step into as adults is one of political divisiveness, racial unrest, economic challenges, and general mayhem. Crime statistics vary. We know we don’t have the same crime as they do in the city, but it is still out there. The perils of living in small town east Texas are not the same as living in the big city, but what about those kids who are now headed for Austin, or College Station or some other big school? Will they have some form of culture shock? Yes, they will.

I was accused recently of focusing on the negative and being a pot stirrer. Well, guess what, in fact my perspective is just the opposite. While I know the pitfalls that lie in wait for Class of 2020 graduates, I also know a lot of them. I also know a whole boatload of young people that have walked a stage here in Bowie County, and gone on to make their mark in our world, despite the challenges that were out there.
Let me name a few, if I may. There was a day when young people like Tyler Pickle walked a graduation stage, and so did his sister, Taylor, who is now a schoolteacher, and about to become a mom. Or what about Madison Lundry, or Todd Reed, or Raley Tanner, Malori Carlow, Shelby Stephens, Samantha Stanley, Cassie Hausler, or Trip Davis.
That is just a small sampling of young people that have graduated in recent years that have gone out into the world, conquered obstacles, and are making a positive impact on society today. Ya, the world is a scary place, but there is also so much good in it. 

If you want to see the good in the world, you just have to look for it. You might not find it on CNN or Fox News, but it is out there. Just this past week in the Tribune, we had stories of wonderful, positive things in your paper. We talked about Harvest Texarkana coming to New Boston and helping 500 families with groceries. We told you the story of Stan and Carol Flanery, who give of their time to honor our veterans. You might have seen where good kids like Marquiz Estell and Luke Raulston are off to play college sports, and you saw pictures of little ones, out winning trophies at the local go kart track.
The week before you saw positive stuff like David Phelps and all of the stylists around the area, now back at work making us all look good again, and the Miss New Boston Court, and their willingness and eagerness to serve another year, because the virus made a pageant impossible this year.

I can’t wait to see what this year’s graduates have in store for all of us to read about down the road. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt we will be reading stories about this year’s grads as some come back home to be teachers, and others become nurses, doctors, welders and the whole rainbow of possibilities out there. What will Samuel Martin wow us with, or maybe Kole Dooley, or Chloe Turner, or Reagan Eubanks, Laura Benton, Ethan Jennings, Emily Lamon, Hope Murphy, Chloe Norwood, Evette Martinez or any of the other graduates that have walked a stage this year. They have all already overcome the most challenging school year in a long, long time. Who knows what they will do next.

I am particularly excited to see New Boston’s Carlee Ratcliff play softball for the University of Texas Longhorns. I will be in the stands when she trots out in that burnt orange uniform, and I hope to be there when she sends her first college dinger over the fence. If I am not there in person, there is always ESPN, and I can watch her exploits at McCombs Field that way.

My point is in all of this, I believe with all of my heart that the graduating Class of 2020 will be one that will go out into this world of ours, and we will see the success stories, because that is the cloth that they are cut from. Whether it be Avery, DeKalb, New Boston, or any of the seven high schools that we cover here at the Tribune, the Class of 2020 will not fade away into our memories, because they have so many more to make. 

And when they do, I hope to be able to share them with you, here in the Tribune.

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