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The Power in our Walk

She slipped down the hill from behind the pastor at the Bridge, a homeless friend who waved when she saw me.

My friend came over, and she got in my ear. “I’m mad. I’ve been waiting for justice for years. I’m not staying to listen to this.”

“I’m sorry. Stay for a bit. God can speak to you here.”

“I’m not sure He can.”

I found myself holding her shoulder with my hand, squeezing it with a friendly gesture, hoping she’d stay.

Her words went sour, her chatter erratic. She found my ear again. “I’m leaving. I’m not staying. I’m not listening to this anymore. Justice has never come.”

She moved to a concrete pillar and leaned on it. I stepped to her side. “Can I pray for you?”
“You and so many others have prayed for me. I’m not so sure God cares about me.”

I cringed a little, hoping for words to encourage her. “God has kept you. You’re here today because of the Lord, and He keeps calling to you.”

She sighed, “I’m not sure it matters.”

“Well, I’m praying because I know you matter to Him.”

My friend turned my way, her eyes more prominent. “You can pray, but I’m not so sure it will change a thing.”

I squeezed that same shoulder. “It’s okay to let God know your doubts, but I want you to know, I’m sure He cares for you. He died for you and knows what it’s like to suffer from injustice. And He shed His blood, only to rise from the tomb to give you and me … life.”

She let me pray, and then she slipped back to the hill, sitting down, not saying another word. However, I knew that God sent her to the service to hear about the grace of a Savior even as she struggled with her past. If we’re honest, we’ve had fits and spouts and doubts, too. And yet, in all the pushing and shoving, Christ kept calling to us, kept pursuing us. And He did this despite our sin-filled walk up that same broken hill.

Aren’t we thankful Jesus continues to call to hearts?
And so I pray my friend puts her trust in Christ, that she will know Him personally someday. Yes, this is my prayer for anyone sitting on the hill who feels alone and lost, like there’s no victory. Because with Jesus, when there seems to be no way yesterday, He makes a new way today.

As for those of you still reading this, I don’t have all the answers for my friend. I’m not sure how the future of her life will play out, but I know when your world is turned upside down, life gets confusing.

 The friend in this story has held many calm conversations with me, but on certain days, she’s trapped in her past where horrible situations landed in her wake. And somehow, the ugly has wrapped itself around her heart like knots of rope constricting the life from her day.

 But still, I must remind myself that God is great. That His goodness isn’t determined by the circumstances in my life. Or in her life. Or the injustice that seems to reign in the day. For me, the bottom line is that Christ adds beauty for ashes and joy to our day. He’s the power in our walk. The King of our life. The Savior who would sit under a bridge. Or by a creek. Or in the alley. Or at your house. He sees anyone stuck on the hill in need of hope.


Yes, anyone…even you. 

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