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Splatter your life to hearts

 One year, I baked 250 brownies! You might ask me how long this fudge-mess of goo took to complete?
So here’s the answer: It took four glorious chocolate-coated hours!
I’d planned to bake enough for each lady. But wait, you are now asking who would receive them?

Well, on any given Sunday, you’ll find me volunteering at the Women’s Recovery Center to hold a church service for ladies who are going through rehab. I had permission to bring them some goodies one holiday, which meant I needed 100 (at least for each lady) because that’s how many residents stay at the facility during their stay.
I’d upped the count to give them at least two yummy treats, along with extra for the guards that Sunday.
At first, the baking process was organized with a plan to keep two pans baking at all times. I would spin around, pour, mix, and crack those eggs. I had become a one-woman assembly line.
However, about halfway through the four-hour sprint, the batter took on a life of its own by exploding into a chocolate volcano, creating a mess on the walls, counter, and the floor.

See, I accidentally knocked the oil over, dropped some eggs in the quest to catch the tipping bottle, and then bumped into the mixing—which poured to the floor at the end of the counter.
Stepping into the goo with my socked feet, I found myself deep in chocolate and yet, determined to finish my task. So brownie-patrol resumed, wiping ensued, and mixing continued until the brownies were cooling on the table and ready for my dear ladies in recovery. They were packed into baggies for each of my friends!

Now truth-be-told, I really could have used a power washer to clean my light fixture in the kitchen, since the chandelier of lights were coated with brownie mix, too.
But oh, that moment when the brownies were delivered, and I saw those smiles. What a great experience that was to witness how small things are often the biggest and tastiest of joys!
I know, many of you are aware, my kitchen came with the house. I don’t really like to go in there unless it’s absolutely necessary!
So if you will, though, stop for a second and lift the ladies up in prayer whenever you’re reading this: With the coronavirus, volunteers aren’t seeing them, and I’m not holding the service right now.

But their safety matters most because their lives are important to God! He’s the Creator of life, the Giver of our next breath. He’s the Savior who also added taste buds to our bodies so that we could enjoy simple things--like a brownie!
And I’m reminded of a story about Annie Sullivan, a blind girl who grew up in an institution. She was misunderstood by many, and she kicked and screamed at doctors whenever they tended to her. She was afraid of her surroundings and not calm or content.
However, one day, a maidservant gave Annie a brownie, and this act of kindness changed Annie’s future, when it calmed her enough for a doctor to check her health. She would eventually go on to school and she became a teacher, returning to the very institution to give back to those who helped her.

As the story goes, she would then have an encounter with a small girl, wild and blind and deaf. Annie would become a lifelong companion to this student, sharing her life in a mixture of friendship beyond the darkness of her past as a child.
So in this odd place we find ourselves—never underestimate one act of kindness. We have no idea what someone is facing or worrying about or suffering privately within their home. We can send encouragement, which leaves me with a question: How will you add a taste and goodness to a heart today?

Because the great news is, some of you are like eggs. It would help if you were cracked open so you could pour your life into your surroundings. Or maybe some of you are like oil, and you possess the ingredient to bring a smile to a suffering soul. Or maybe, you’re the sweetness that someone needs to get through the next hour.
So let’s mix it up. Splatter your life to hearts. Pour yourself into the bowl of life. And let’s bake some tasty sweetness into our walk today. Which, by the way, doesn’t require a kitchen or an oven. It only requires you!

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