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Watch for the snakes in the grass

Last week, my twin sister thought she’d get the copperhead’s attention (at my mom’s house), so she used the shovel to whack him into pieces—then, she cut his head off!

As for me, when I see a snake, this is not my first reaction. My first response includes running!

See, one year, my sister was on vacation, so I drove to her house to feed her cats—she had a nice kitty and the demon kitty. At the driveway in the country, I hopped from my car to open the gate, leaving my engine running.

Upon returning to my car, next to the tire was a rattlesnake—curled up, ready to announce his dominion over my entrance into his path.

I didn’t let him say hello, and I charged up the driveway to my sister’s porch, standing there, glancing about an 1/8 of mile back toward my still-running car. With the snake watching me. Or so I figured.

Finally, I inched back down the driveway toward my car, toward the ‘danger and death’ arena where snakes slither and things bite. But if I was ever going to feed those cats or go home—I had to get into my car! 

That was the longest walk ever, and fortunately the snake was gone—or watching me, and my fears were heightened due to the near-death experience—that of hyperventilating! 

Then, back on my sister’s porch, I readied to go inside and tend to the kitties, when a frog came near, hopping at my feet—and I just about broke every bone in my body trying to get away!

Hey, if you need help—with something like feeding your kitties—call me! I’m your gal! 

But if you see a snake, call my sister. She’s great at getting the snake’s attention and great at making sure, he loses his head!

Seriously, watch where you step, things that slither are out and about and moving. 

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