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Where is the love?

We live in a world filled with hate. A cruel world where mistakes aren’t allowed, anger is overblown, and people become victims at no fault of their own.

Often the ones inflicting the pain and spewing the anger call themselves Christians, yet they ignore the fact that our Lord was one who lived a life filled with grace and kindness. Even on the cross, after suffering so much pain, he asked His Father to forgive those who caused His pain, and He cared for the criminal hanging on the cross next to Him.

How is it, that we Christians can forget the basic tenets of our beliefs, and turn so quickly into people of rage and anger, often targeting the very ones that we call family, ignoring the years of love, ignoring the years of service, and instead focusing on ourselves and our anger?

How is it that we Christians sit at the seat of judgement so easily, removing the only one that is worthy of sitting there.

Hate is the exact opposite of the greatest attribute of all, love.

Bullying is hate. Judgement for judgement’s sake is hate. The sad fact about hate is that no one ever benefits from it. Not the one spewing it, or the one receiving it.

I have a friend. Her name is Kim. As I write this morning my friend Kim is dealing with a funeral for her daughter on Saturday. It is a funeral that should never have been planned, a pain that my friend should never have had to deal with, and it was all caused by hate.

It is a hate that was brought about by so-called “Christians” that took it upon themselves to sit in the seat of judgement, and destroy a life. It is a hate that makes me know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these so called “Christians” should be down on their knees today begging God for forgiveness.

You see, my friend’s daughter committed suicide. She ended her own life because she simply could not take the pain of being accused, judged and sentenced by people, for an act that she could never have possibly carried out on purpose. She was judged, sentenced and condemned for a tragic mistake.

Today, my friend Kim, and her family, grieve for the life lost, the future lost, and the lives changed, because “Christians” took it upon themselves to play God.

Reading the story will fill your eyes with tears. The words of a young woman who was bullied by a system, bullied by former friends, bullied by strangers, and even bullied by family, can do nothing except make you mourn.

Saddest of all is that now, even though her life is over, the pain will continue.

It is one of those things that make me ask Him, why God.

Yet sadly, it is a story that is repeated over and over in our world today. This world where social media allows people to bully without even being there. It allows people to hate, without even knowing why. We live in a world where no one is safe. We live in a world where every day we should thank the Lord if we are not being bullied, unjustly accused, or ridiculed.

All because of hate.

Hate is a sin that lives inside of all of us. We all have reasons to hate something or someone. We create situations even where we deem ourselves to be wronged. And sadly, even though we call ourselves Christians, too often we voice that anger and hate and direct it to those closest to us.

Tell me this. How does a mother put themselves ahead of her children? How does a father praise one child and vilify another, without cause? How does a son raise his fist to his dad? How do families squabble to the point of choosing not to see each other?

How do we, as Christians, choose hate over love?

You say, you don’t know my circumstances. You don’t know what I went through. You don’t know what they did to me, or how I was raised, or how much I have endured. And you would be right.

But, I do know that Jesus was sentenced to die for crimes He didn’t commit. He was beaten and stabbed and nailed to a cross, for no fault of His own. His mother wept and watched Him die, blameless.

And right up to His death on that cross, after He rose from a grave, and even still, He spoke of love, grace and forgiveness.

Hate and anger do not come from Christ. They are sin.

Those that drove my friend’s daughter to kill herself, sit today in need of forgiveness from the one they claim to be like. There is no bringing Amanda back, and there is no righting the wrong. It is too late for that to happen. They should be on their knees and praying to God for the very grace and mercy that they did not show to an innocent young woman.

I know many others today that should be praying for that same grace and forgiveness.

That would be, all of us.


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