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Letters to the Editor

November 22, 2022 Letter to the Editor: I attended a meeting on September 13th that featured Bowie County A=Election Administrator as the Speaker. The Speaker asked if there were any questions. Someone asked about the election. The Speaker said everything was good. I raised my hand and asked about the Judge on the Westend that brought her box in very late. He denied this. I said I was listening in the Court. He said he was also and it didn’t happen. I said I was there and the Ballot Box was not locked. It had been cut or broken open.

All you have to do is ask

Odds are, I have said these words here in this space before, probably more than once. The holidays can be hard. Amidst the fa-la-la-la-la and the merriment of the season, not everyone is filled with the Christmas spirit. Life has its challenges. Money is tight, stress levels are up, and if you have someone that is missing from your family gathering this year, you may not feel much like celebrating of any kind.


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