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Deep Waters

SRBA presents to Titus County commissioners

Sulphur River Basin Authority's Kirby Hollingsworth spoke to the Titus County Commissioners Monday about the DFW metroplex's thirst for East Texas water. “What I’m here to talk to you today about is what is reality and what is fact. Over the last several years the Sulphur River Basin Authority has been engaged to oversee many many studies having to do with our river,” said Hollingsworth. “The
metroplex is very interested in getting water out of our river.”
Hollingsworth stated that the rules for Marvin Nichols are already laid down, and suggested Titus County work to have a voice.
“What we stand for should be influenced by Titus County, Franklin County, Hopkins County, water utility groups; different entities in this area. That’s what I’m suggesting is the wise thing to do. What I’m suggesting is that Titus County have a voice going forward,” he said. “If there was an application or permit next year, and there’s nothing saying that there couldn’t be an application for a lake on that river next year, [but] if there were, would we have a voice? I have news for you: nobody’s gonna ask for a vote. You do not get a vote for Marvin Nichols. I’m not asking you for a vote, and the state of Texas is not gonna ask you to vote. You don’t get to vote on that.”
Commissioners John Fitch, Dana Applewhite and Jimmy Parker voiced their opposition of the creation of the reservoir.
“I’d just like to say that I am against the building of Marvin Nichols Reservoir, and I want to fight for Titus County what’s right for Titus County,” said Commissioner John Fitch. “We’ll keep
working for the best interest of Titus County people.”


In the photo, the SRBA's Kirby Hollingsworth

Photo by Miranda Oglesby

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