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Winning with Whitt

Does it feel like the seasons are changing?  If you’re a sports fan it is changing.  Football season ended a few months back, and college basketball season has just ended too.  Now, everyone is shifting gears to baseball/softball diamonds from our local T-Ball fields to the major league parks across America.  Hopefully the last cold snap has passed, and now you see the lawn chairs, coolers, wagons, and canopies for sale at Walmart and Academy.  
There’s an excitement in the air, that’s for sure.  I confess that I’m not a huge baseball fan.  Sure, I root for my family’s favorite team, the Houston Astros, and I will go to my fair share of local games played in the city parks around the area.  I love the sno-cones, sunflower seeds, and popcorn.  I guess that’s for me the best part of this time of this season, on the sports calendar.  I love seeing everyone outside.  I like sitting in a lawn chair watching the kids play baseball, spitting seeds, and listening to the endless sound a tennis ball makes against a cinderblock wall as the kids play wall-ball.  

My youngest sister, Harper Jo, always feels compelled to bring something to these games.  It’s usually a bag full of dolls or some other toy that 7 year old girls play with, and she is sure to draw a crowd.  Like bees are attracted to nectar, little girls are attracted to Barbies, and I think Harper Jo must be the “Chief Beekeeper”.  It’s kind of nice for a few minutes watching the pitcher throw balls and strikes, listening to parents swear that the last pitch was a strike and not a ball to the umpire, when all the sudden you hear the most dreaded sound you can hear at the local ball park:  HEADACHE.

Where by I duck covering my nachos with my body, because unconsciously I’m saying the $2.50 nachos are worth more than my head.  I always breathe a sigh of relief when the ball hits the ground, and watch a new game outside the backstop.  A race to see who will get the foul ball.  One lesson I’ve learned by watching this race is that the fastest doesn’t always get the ball, it’s the one who wants it the most.  

Yes, it’s a new season.  Baseball/Softball is king, right now.  So, enjoy the nachos, keep spitting seeds, and root for the team, because….Football will be here soon!!!

Until August, I’ll see you around.  Whitt Sparks

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